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DIG Installs Jahangiri Bell in Bihar

Saturday, August 9th 2008

Patna. For a change, Bihar police has got a different image in Muzaffarur thanks to the efforts of 1988 batch IPS Arvind Pandey, DIG of Tirhut range. Pandey has got a “Jahangiri Bell” installed outside his official bungalow at Muzaffarour. It has been installed on the pattern of a similar bell placed outside the palace by Mughal Emperor Jahangir.

Pandey , who is available on both mobile and landline numbers, has got the Jahangiri Bell (he has written the Jahangiri bell on his bungalow walls too) installed to facilitate the common man, who has no cellular phone or land line connection to contact him. Anyone with any grievance has to simply pull the bell, the DIG will come out of his bungalow. If he is out of station, his staff comes out and attends to the common man after hearing the sounds of the bell.
Son of a priest of the famous Vindhyachal temple in Uttar Pradesh, Arvind Pandey has earned image of a social reformer in Bihar. He has launched the Bihar Mukti Andolan ,which advices people to ignore minor conflicts, settle disputes through mutual negotiations and shun violence.
Pandey claims that the Andolan was a cultural movement to organize the disgruntled youths to constructive activities. Through the Andolan, the DIG helps out of court settlements of disputes in his range. Over 3,000 disputes were settled in one year through the Andolan, giving relief to the litigants from appearances in the courts, attending to the investigations in the police stations and saving money which is paid as fees to the advocates.
Pandey calls the litigants and their witnesses before Andolan Jan Adalat and after hearing them advises to settle their disputes amicably. According to Pandey 70 per cent of the disputes were related to poor families. Out of court settlements were great relief for these families

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  1. Arvind is a gift to Bihar from Budha. My suggestion is to promote culture uplift and educational support can solve 90 percent of the problem.

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