रविवार, 11 अक्तूबर 2009

For making Road in village Piprahi.

Respected sir/madam,

In District Aurangabad (Bihar), Block – Goh, the Road from Raghu Bigha to Lodipur Via Piprahi (Bhurkunda Panchayat) is in shabby condition. Villagers are living in mud and water only and they have never experienced a fresh road. We can't imagine about, how they live in that position. The population of the village is not less than 4000, although it has never been recommended by any politician or official for a road. One of the main objective of Bharat Nirman Yojna is to connect all villages that have a population of 1000 with an all weather road.

Therefore, Sir, for the interest of the common people and to maintain good governance & development, your positive response is expected.



Rajnish Kumar

Village+Post - Arai,

Ps - Daudnagar,

Dist. - Aurangabad (Bihar)

PIN - 824113

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