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Fwd: Case No. 217/2009 Daudnagar PS (Aurangabad)

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From: Rajnish Kumar <rajnisharai@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, Nov 15, 2009 at 11:48 PM
Subject: Case No. 217/2009 Daudnagar PS (Aurangabad)
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Respected sir,

Yesterday, i was arrested by a police officer of Daudnagar Police Station in district Aurangabad (Bihar) in a fake case made by a most corrupt Bank Manager. As i had made complaints on various complaint forums about his corrupt activities and had filed an application seeking information under RTI. IO (Investigation Officer) Md. A.A.Khan was demanding some rupees for writing a good diary about me, i told him that "i am not going to give you a single rupees i hadn't done any thing wrong with bank manager. Why he has not investigated the case till date nor supervised ? Thanks a lot to senior IPS Officer Sir. Arvind Pandey, who followed up the matter and after that i was released on bail otherwise they were sending me in jail. In fact, i am innocent in this case and i think, local police officers know the facts but they are delaying in investigation and supervision for malpractices. What type of policing this is ? I am not a criminal nor indulged in any type of illegal activities as my best of knowledge.

I request you to please enquire the matter and do as needed.


With great regards-

Rajnish Kumar

S/O Dr. Krishna Nandan Sharma

Village & Post Arai,

Ps Daudnagar,

Dist. Aurangabad (Bihar0,

PIN 824113

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