शुक्रवार, 7 नवंबर 2008

We the Masters....

We all pay taxes. Even a beggar on the street pays tax. When he buys anything like a soap or a matchbox, he pays taxes in the form of sales tax, excise duty etc. This money belongs to us. It does not belong to any politician or a bureaucrat. It belongs to the people of India. The people are the masters. Governments exist to serve them.

On paper, so much money is supposedly spent on our welfare, but where does all this money go?

The primary duty of a master is to take accounts from his servant from time to time. We, the masters, never took accounts from the governments. Because, within the existing legal and administrative frameworks, it was not possible to do so.

But, now we have a right to question governments. The governments are legally bound to provide us information. Parliament of India enacted Right to Information Act, which empowers the citizens to question governments, inspect their files and also to inspect government works.

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