शुक्रवार, 9 अक्तूबर 2009

'Strengthen democracy through RTI Act'

Humlog Trust secretary and Bihar Right to Information Manch coordinator Parveen Amanullah on Saturday said that democracy can be
strengthened not only by casting vote once in five years, but also through Right to Information (RTI) Act.

Revival of collapsed systems and sorting out people's problems is possible through this right, she said, adding it is necessary for the common people to properly understand and use their democratic rights and responsibilities and exercise their franchise under the democratic set up. But, she said, the people's democratic responsibilities did not begin or end with casting their votes only since they are also required to nurture the democratic system in the day-to-day functioning.

She said it is responsibility of the public to ensure that doctors are present in hospitals, teachers in schools, government servants in their offices as well as the maintenance of public buildings and proper sanitation, and proper implementation of old age pension and BPL card schemes for the welfare of the people.

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